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July 2016 Setting up Studio

June 2016 Space available, setting up Studio, my first task was to draw until there was no white left on the wall, while I was getting set up and had to do several trips to bring all the materials to the Studio.

At first the old building didn't have electricity in the whole area so I purchased a lamp so i could work in the evenings .

The building was a Swimming pool that had closed and was standing empty for a long time.

Many repairs are required in the walls, roof, swimming pool but the space is amazing! Ideal for painting.

I also share the space with a Maintenance team and there is storage, we all get along well .

In the same month of June i was asked to exhibit some of my work. I shall share with you Feedback:

Now in my studio I have been able to spread my wings and continue working, You are welcome to contact me and book to visit the Studio.

Cotemporary Rose



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